Things to Avoid When Hiring an Event Staff in Las Vegas

Are you having a company event to promote your business? When it comes to things like this hiring, an event staff is the easiest way to make the occasion a successful one. They will help you in creating a successful customer relationship with your clients that will be attending the event.

However, how can you avoid the disaster in planning this event? Below are some common mistakes people do that you should avoid when it comes to hiring event staffing Las Vegas company.

1. Taking long to make a decision. When you have an upcoming event, don’t take decision too long when it comes to hiring an event staff. Yes, it is important that you think and investigate on which staff you will hire but taking more than a week to think things are way too long already. This service has also their own schedules to follow. They have also other clients waiting for them. If you decide around a week or two, the staff you are about to hire will be booked for a different event. To get the best staff for your promotional event, you have to be quick in screening candidates and decide as early as possible as you can.

2. Hiring someone who cannot promote the brand image of the company. The event staff will be the face of your event. They will be responsible for how to represent your company to your clients. You want to hire someone that will be fit enough to be the representative of your brand image.

3. The team is not involved in the hiring process. Nothing is more disaster than having event staff and your team not coinciding or working well together. You have to make sure that the staff you are looking forward to work with your event will complement your staff. The success of the event is dependent on the people working together for the event. So, when it comes to hiring, it is essential to consult also your team and get their opinions.

4. Hiring someone who cannot understand your needs. Creating a plan is important for the event. The plan should consist of the date, time, size of the people you wish to invite, the program, length and the different types of audience you will have. When you have a plan, you can communicate with your event

staff on how you wish to do it. But if they cannot produce what you need, it might be best to think first before hiring them. Make sure you have the kind of people fit for the job.

5. Hiring without interviewing. When you hire an employee in your company, you conduct an interview first right? This is for you to know more about the employee you wish to be a part of your company. This is also true when it comes to hiring event staff. You need to interview the company to know a little bit background of the people who will be responsible for the success of your event. You can invite them to your office, in phone or Skype interview.

6. Not asking for portfolio or work sample. Upon interviewing the prospect, you have in mind, it might help if you ask some portfolio about their previous work success. You can evaluate if they are really the one you are looking and will give you want you need. You can ask for a reference from previous clients they have worked with.

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